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Sugar Computing Cluster

The Syracuse University Gravitational and Relativity (Sugar) Computing Cluster

In 2011, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded the Syracuse University Gravitational Wave Group $791,000 to build a supercomputer that enable scientists from around the world to explore the universe using gravitational waves. The computer cluster is housed in SU's Green Data Center on South Campus. SU's College of Arts and Sciences contributed an additional $339,000 to the project.

The supercomputer contains 2064 CPU-cores and 172 Graphics Processing Unites with 388 terabytes of storage connected via gigabit Ethernet. A smaller supercomputer that we built several years ago has been integrated into the computer, providing an additional 320 CPU cores and 96 terabytes of storage.

The supercomputer, names SUGAR, is available to all members of the Syracuse Gravitational Wave Group for research in astrophysics, gravitational-wave searches, detector characterization, and any other projects our students can think of.

Chris Sedore, Duncan Brown, and Almir Alemic constructing the cluster.